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Teacher Mentoring

What They Are Saying:
New Teacher Training & Mentoring
New Teacher: Billy R., West Chester, PA: 

"I have been fortunate to have known Perk since my early
elementary school years and up to now as I pursue my graduate studies. Perk Musacchio has been an advocate and an exceptional role model. Her kind approach and unique style have been what I look to emulate. I had the privilege of student teaching with her and continue to collaborate on current educational dilemmas.  Perk is truly a passionate advocate for students and easily establishes their trust to help them achieve their goals. In other words, she truly understands the academic environment and ways for students to be successful. Perk knows how to help every student, no matter the roadblock, and carries them to new heights."

New Teacher: Sean M., Norristown, PA

"During my time with Perk, I learned how to motivate and inspire my students to do their best. I feel like I thrived under her mentoring and will never forgot what she taught me during our time together."

Reading Specialist: Ann Marie C., Harrisburg School District, PA

"Educators and parents need to tap into Perk's limitless knowledge of learning strategies. Since 1999, I've had the pleasure of Perk's mentoring and collaboration in order to help hundreds of struggling learners. You won't find a more child-centered, educational expert with more to offer. She truly helps students soar by putting appropriate strategies in place and offering solid, research-based programs and interventions. Anyone looking to support a struggling learner needs to put Perk's number on speed dial. Even after 17 years, I still do."

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