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Parent Coaching

Being a parent isn’t the easiest job. It comes with many rewards, but it can also be very challenging, especially if your child is struggling in school. One of my greatest pleasures during my time in the public school setting was establishing a relationship with the parents of my students and supporting them as we worked together to help their child.


See if you can answer any of these questions with “yes”.  If so, there is help!


1. Does your child struggle with the morning of evening routine?  

2. Is getting out the door for anything a problem? 

3. Does your child forget to bring home materials and papers?

4. Does your child lose track of his materials and belongings?

5. Do you have trouble keeping up with all the papers from school? 

6. Does the thought of homework time make you shudder as you prepare
    for the nightly battle?  

7. Does your child do his homework only to not turn it in at school?  

8. Are you concerned about your child’s academic progress? 

9. When you do go to a team meeting or conference at school, do you
     walk away confused? 


If any of those scenarios describe you or your child, then parent coaching may be for you. Parent coaching includes guidance and support on how to:


 - Establish routines at home.


 - Improve organizational skills at home.


 - Improve time and materials management.


 - Take the work out of homework.


 - Understand your child’s academic needs.


 - Communicate and work with your child’s school personnel
    to access appropriate information, instruction, and supports.


 - Access community resources that are available and may help you,
    your family, or your child.   

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