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“With minimal instruction, this is a tool that kids at all levels can use to resolve issues independently.  My favorite aspects of the PEACEWALK® are that it empowers kids to express their feelings, and it provides important practice in understanding another's perspective.”

     Clif B., Elementary School Principal, West Chester, PA


“The PeaceWalk® is an efficient conflict resolution strategy that is appropriate for all grade levels. It benefits students in all settings. Not only was I ecstatic to see conflicts solved with minimal disruption of instructional time, but I was even more pleased with the confidence students gained in solving their conflicts independently.”

     Lauren S., Special Education Teacher

     Alexandria City Public Schools, VA


"This mat is an effective, concrete method for teaching students lifelong conflict resolution skills!"

     Vicki C, School Psychologist, West Chester, PA 


“The Peace Walk® is an excellent tool for teaching kids a step-by-step way to resolve conflict. Most importantly, it helps kids learn how to take each other's perspective and apologize for their mistakes. Our students love it! "

     Laura T., School Counselor, Unionville, PA


“When using the mat, students are empowered to solve social problems on their own. It is such a quick, easy and independent way for all ages to resolve conflicts! This strategy has been an excellent resource for teaching children the communication process of give and take. It fosters much healthier relationships in the classroom and on the playground. Our school even has one painted on our playground for children to use in the place most arguments happen. ”

     Kelli K., Kathy N. and Cathy Q., First Grade Teachers, Kennett Square, PA


"The mat truly helped resolve conflicts between students. I was happier, and students were happier after completing The Peace Walk®!"

     William R., Teacher, Eugene, OR


"I used The PeaceWalk® with my high school students and found it to be a successful tool for resolving conflicts and managing their social anxiety levels.  Despite their age, they loved having books read to them because it helped to reduce stress and brought back sweet memories of being younger. The kids said that they liked using The PeaceWalk® because it was simple and effective. We had many excellent discussions about what people might say or do to get a reaction and ways to proactively and effectively deal with situations. My students found that having a few 'go to' strategies/responses helped avoid potential conflicts. They liked having a voice that is meaningful."

     Elaine S., Health and PE teacher, West Chester, PA   

PeaceWalk® (Currently out of stock)

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  • Taking Steps Towards A Peaceful Life


    The PeaceWalk® is an innovative and proven tool for teaching children:

      ~ to resolve conflicts peacefully by using their words and working together.

      ~ to communicate their feelings and understand the impact of their words or actions.

      ~ the importance of offering and accepting an apology.


    The Peace Walk™ helps children develop important communication, social and coping skills- skills that will serve them well in future relationships and in the workplace.


    Designed by a career educator with over 40 years of experience, the PeaceWalk® has been used successfully in classrooms and at recess with students of all ages. With a wide range of applications for parents, educators or caregivers, the PeaceWalk® is a truly valuable resource that no home, school, daycare, after-school program, or other group should be without! 


    The PeaceWalk® is printed on durable vinyl that will last for years. Front side prompts students to resolve common conflicts. Reverse side features alternate recess activities. 

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. Please email me if you have any problems or concerns. 

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