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What Others Say


Words From A Happy Parent:


We can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for Lily and our family. You went beyond teaching, you became Lily’s advocate. You truly changed our lives.”


~ MR Hannum, Unionville, Pa.

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Words Of Appreciation:

My staff members and I attended a workshop that was facilitated by Perk Musacchio and Monica Reinhard-Gorney, authors of No Manual? No Problem! Over the years, we have attended many trainings and professional development workshops, but this one provided us with new information that we found to be very enlightening. We appreciated that the presenters were able to “bring it to real life” and help us understand what we are all experiencing in our classrooms and why. Plus, several new strategies and interventions were shared that could be life changing for our students and their families. I believe that all parents and educators would benefit from the valuable information found in this book. 


Jackie Steinmetz

Director, Westminster's  Pre-School

Parent Applause:

We met Perk in February of 2019 because our 1st grade daughter was struggling with reading sight words, decoding and fluency.  After working with our daughter, Perk also identified signs of sensory processing issues that were impacting her educational and personal development. I soon came to realize that Perk was not only a tutor, but she had become our child’s advocate.  I immediately took her advice. She held my hand and guided me through the complicated and unfamiliar world of diagnosis, treatment, and many meetings with a variety of professionals. She met with our daughter to assure her comfort with and understanding of what the process entailed.  Within a year of meeting Perk, our child’s growth is immeasurable and has affected every aspect of her life.  Her reading is now grade appropriate, and her gross motor skills are balanced, making physical tasks fluid and effortless. These advancements have boosted her self-esteem and independence. In short, Perk changed our lives. 


Cynthia Coleman

Kennett Square, PA

Teacher Tribute:


“A dynamic professional with outstanding communication
skills, Perk is committed to guiding, supporting, and inspiring others to reach their professional and personal life goals.

~ Cheryl D., Downingtown, Pa

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